Using The Library

Using the Library
  1. Administration

    Phone: 704-878-3091

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  1. NC Cardinal

    General information on NC Cardinal

  2. Searching NC Cardinal

    Learn how to search NC Cardinal.

  3. My Library Account

    Sign in to your library card account to renew books, see what you have checked out, and update your information.

  4. Find Your Library

    Use this map to find the different locations of the library.

    1. Statesville Main Library

    2. Troutman Branch Library

    3. Harmony Branch Library

  5. Using Your Library Card

    Learn how you can apply for a library card, how to use your card to borrow books, eBooks and computers at the library.

    1. Apply for a Library Card

      Click New User and follow the steps to apply for your very own library card.

    2. Loan Periods & Late Fees

      Review the different loan periods for various media and find out how much is charged for late fees.

    3. Check My Library Account

      How to see what's changed to your library and other information about your library account.

    4. Renew My Books

      Find out how to renew your books.

  6. Library Services

    All about library computers and wireless network, using a library meeting room, requesting a book form another library, and other services at the library.

    1. Public Computers at the Library

      Computers for public use are available at each library location in Statesville, Harmony and Troutman. The computers have web browsers for using the Internet. All computers also have Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    2. Public Wireless Network

      All locations of the Iredell County Public Library have a wireless Wi-Fi network for use by the public. Wireless access is free and you don't have to have a library card to use the wireless network.

  7. Policies

    The Iredell County Library has policies in place to maintain the safety and security of the library environment and its patrons.

    1. Child Safety Policy

      The safety and protection of children is important to the library.

    2. Internet Use Agreement

      All users accessing the Internet through the library must agree to abide by the rules of the Internet Use Agreement.

    3. Library Behavior Policy

      Library users have a right to assume that visits to the library will be free from harassment, physical discomfort, danger, and psychological stress.

    4. Library Card Policy

      The library maintains a card policy to allow residents to easily borrow books and other media and to protect shared public property.

    5. Public Wireless Network Policy

      Those using the library's wireless network agree to the conditions outlined here.

    6. Meeting Room Policy

  8. Library Directory

    For information, check out the library directory and find contact information for the person who can help with your question.

  9. Library Calendar

  10. Meeting Rooms

    The Statesville Library has two meeting rooms for community groups and civic organizations.

  11. Support the Library

    Learn how you can support the library, by volunteering, through donations, and joining the Friends of the Library

    1. Friends of the Library

      Join the Friends of the Library to help the library grow with our community.