Public Computers

Computers for public use are available at each library location in Statesville, Harmony and Troutman. The computers have web browsers for using the Internet. 

To use a public computer, you need to have an Iredell County library card if you live in Iredell County. You can get a free library card at any library location. If you live outside Iredell County, you can buy a guest pass for $2.00 to use a public computer. The guest pass is good for one day. If you live outside Iredell County but regularly use the Iredell County Public Library, you may buy a non-resident library card for a fee of $20.00 every three years.

Patrons are currently allotted one hour of computer time a day. Printing from public computers costs .30 cents per page.

Public computers in the library have special security software to protect the computer and the computer user from malicious software or other threats. Because of the security software, not every function or website may works as it does on someone's personal computer.

All users accessing the Internet through the library must agree to abide by the library's Internet Use Agreement.