Meeting Room Policy

As a public institution dedicated to the free expression of and access to ideas presenting all points of view, the meeting rooms in the Iredell County Library are available on an equitable basis for the lawful activities of all residents of Iredell County, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. Use of the meeting rooms does not imply an endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies or affiliations of any group or organization by the Iredell County Public Library or the Board of Commissioners of Iredell County. 

Policy Outline

  1. Library programs receive first priority in the use of the meeting rooms, followed by County meetings.
  2. Non-profit community, educational, civic, cultural, intellectual, charitable, religious and governmental groups may reserve the meeting room. All programs must be open to the general public. 
  3. The meeting room may not be used for commercial purposes. No solicitation for commercial services may be offered. No admission or fees may be charged for any program. Donations or contributions by non-library sponsored groups may not be solicited or accepted. 
    1. Examples of unacceptable uses of the meeting room include, but are not limited to: parties, baby showers, weddings, birthday or anniversary parties, sales events, bridal showers.
  4. Meeting rooms for public groups may not be booked more than thirty days in advance. Meeting rooms may not be reserved more than three times per month per group. The library reserves the right to limit the use of the meeting rooms if such use prevents other groups or organizations from using the rooms. 
  5. Meeting room users should immediately notify the library of any cancellations. If a group fails to notify the library in advance about any cancellations, meeting room privileges for that group will be suspended for one calendar year after the 3rd no show.  
  6. The library will hold the room for 30 minutes after a room reservation begins, then will open the room up to other use if the group has not arrived, unless the group calls to notify the library that they are running late. 
  7. Groups should call the library 1 day before the room reservation to confirm the meeting room booking. 
  8. Meetings may not extend beyond thirty minutes prior to closing. The room must be cleared and in order by this point. 
  9. The library does not provide personnel or supplies to assist in handling of exhibits and other materials needed by the groups using the meeting room or in setting up chairs, tables, etc. for scheduled meetings. The library is not responsible for providing any information or publicity about scheduled meetings to the public. Signs, posters, flyers, and other promotional materials about a meeting may not be placed in the library. 
  10. Library facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Food and drinks are allowed in the meeting room, but groups are expected to clean up and dispose of all trash. Users agree to pay the cost for repair of any damaged facilities. The library will not be responsible for any materials or equipment left in the building. 
  11. Smoking is not permitted on any part of county property.  
  12. Programs and exhibits may not disrupt the use of the library by others. Persons attending any meeting or exhibit are subject to all library rules and regulations.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the suspension of meeting room privileges for an organization.