Battle of the Books 101

Who can participate?

Any student in grades 4-12 who attends a school with a Battle of the Books team.

How many books does each student have to read?

Not every team requires the students competing to have read all of the books, but there are 15 books on the elementary list, 22 books on the middle school list, and 15 books on the high school list for the 2020-2021 school year. 

When do teams form?

Teams usually form around October to adequately prepare for the competition in March.

How many students are on each team?

The number of students on each team varies from school to school, however the competition team consists of 5-6 students. 

What days and times do teams practice?

Practice days and times will vary from team to team at each school.

Where do I get the books I need to read?

Books can be checked out at each student's school library or at any branch of the Iredell County Public Library system through the use of his/her StudentAccess account or library card. Books from the Iredell County Public Library can be delivered to any Iredell-Statesville School or Iredell Charter via the courier service. Just select "Iredell StudentAccess" as your pickup location. 

Learn more about StudentAccess here.

When is the competition?

The Battle of the Books competition is an all-day event that takes place in March. 

How do I get specific information about the team at my child's school (i.e. requirements, practice times, etc.)?

Contact your child's Media Specialist or visit the Media Center website for your child's school. 

Are there any fees associated with the Battle of the Books program?

No. Battle of the Books does not have any registration costs and children are able to get the necessary books from their school library or the Iredell County Public Library.

Does my child need an Iredell County Public Library card to participate or check out books?

No. All Iredell-Statesville Schools students automatically have fine-free student library accounts through the use of their student ID numbers. Students are welcome to use these accounts when checking out books for the Battle of the Books program, as well as any other books of interest.

Will transportation be provided for my child for practices and competitions related to the program?

No. All transportation to and from practices and competitions must be arranged by parents or guardians.