History Articles from Iredell County Newspapers

Brady, Bob E.
An Index of Articles Appearing in the Statesville Record and Landmark, 1954-1968” was created by longtime Iredell County Public Library volunteer Robert “Bob” E. Brady.
Jacobs, Cindy
Cindy Jacobs is currently the resident author and photographer at the Mooresville Historical Society. She continues to write a historical column for the Mooresville Tribune titled, “Our Community in Other Years,” and is the author of Legendary Locals of Mooresville, Images of America: Mooresville, and Around Lake Norman.
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Keever, HomerHomer Keever (1905-1979) was a respected and well-known local historian, school teacher, and church deacon in Iredell County. He wrote newspaper articles prolifically, most having to do with historical topics of local interest.
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Krider, GeneIredell native Gene Krider (1932-2018) wrote a local history column for the Statesville Record and Landmark. In all he published over 500 columns. Many of his columns discussed the local architecture of the older buildings in Statesville. Gene was also fascinated with Iredell County history writing a series of articles on the “Free Nancy Branch” that runs near Statesville High School. The Iredell County Public Library Local History Department is still in the process of gathering a collection of Mr. Krider’s columns, but we wanted to share this partial index as assistance to researchers.
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Lackey, Lentz McSherryLentz McSherry “Mac” Lackey Jr. (1944-2017) wrote “Remembering When,” an Iredell County local history column for the “Iredell Neighbors” section of the Charlotte Observer from 1989 to 1998. In all he would publish 343 columns focusing on the people, places, and history of Iredell County.
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Laugenour, Phillip
Dr. Philip Fletcher Laugenour (1852-1916) was a dentist in Statesville and an early Iredell County historian. He was president of the Iredell County Historical Association and from 1914-1916 he published a series of historical articles in the Statesville Sentinel.
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Moose, William William C. Moose worked at the Iredell County Public Library from 1976-1981 in general reference and the James Iredell Room, the local history and genealogy collection. In November of 1977, he took over the “Out of Our Past” column in the Record & Landmark after the retirement of Homer Keever.
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Powell, William Stevens William Stevens Powell (1919-2015) was often referred to as the “dean” of North Carolina historians. He was a historian, author, teacher, and librarian who also served as the curator of the North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill. He wrote more than 112 books and articles during his lifetime. It was in the Statesville newspapers that he first began writing articles so this index is a collection of many of the articles he published in our local newspapers.
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Sloan, Ralph Ralph Sloan (1889-1981) was once the editor of the Statesville Mascot, the first daily paper in Statesville. He began writing local history newspaper column in January 1967 under the heading of “Layman’s Corner.” Many of his articles were based on his memories of growing up in Statesville. He would often write about Statesville as it was in years past. He would start at one of the city’s landmarks and then take the reader on a walking tour of Statesville.
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Stonestreet, O.C. O.C. Stonestreet, an Iredell native and Navy veteran, has also been published in The State magazine and has entries in William C. Powell’s prestigious Encyclopedia of North Carolina. His books on Iredell County history include Tales from Old Iredell County, They Called Iredell County Home, and Once Upon a Time in Mooresville, N.C. Mr. Stonestreet’s column on Iredell County history appears each Sunday in the Statesville Record and Landmark.
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Reese, Joel
Joel Reese has been the Local History Librarian at the library since 2002 and has accumulated a large number of contributory articles to the Statesville Record & Landmark over the years.
Taylorsville Times
The Iredell County Public Library has a bound copy of The Taylorsville Times 140th anniversary edition published on January 27, 1988. The Local History Department has created a subject index to this 150-page special edition.