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[Harmony Library] Preschool Storytime

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This storytime focuses on early literacy practices for children ages 36 to 60 months and kindergarten readiness skills. We will share stories, songs and activities that allow young children to practice school readiness and early reading skills. 

Registration is required for all ICPL programs. Please note that storytime registration is based on family units and not individual participants.

Early Literacy Focus: Phonological Awareness
Early Literacy Focus: Communication
Early Literacy Focus: Comprehension
Week 1: Father FiguresWeek 1: Mythical Ocean CreaturesWeek 1: Summer
Week 2: OceansWeek 2: Shark WeekWeek 2: Vacation & Travel
Week 3: Sea TurtlesWeek 3: Tiny Ocean CreaturesWeek 3: Back to School
Week 4: Ships, Boats, & PiratesWeek 4: Enormous Ocean CreaturesWeek 4: My Favorites
Week 5: Islands & Beaches
Week 5: Sounds

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