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[Statesville Library] VAYA Health

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Join us each month as we welcome a guest speaker from VAYA health to educate us on mental health conditions, concerns, and everything in-between.

DateThemeProgram Description
January 28thI'm Covered Up: What You Need to Know About Hoarding
“I’m covered up” is not just about the physical retention of things. More importantly, it’s about emotional components that won’t allow release. This presentation examines causes, symptoms, and adaptive treatment and care methods for those dealing with hoarding behavior. A focus is placed on the aged population.
February 25thDepression: From Surviving to Thriving
Depressive symptoms often present themselves through feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and despair. This course examines different types, common causes, symptoms, and treatment methods for depression, focusing on moving from a place of simply surviving to one of thriving.
March 25thEnhancing Mental Health with Alternative Treatments Part 1
This course is designed for both care providers and people receiving care. It looks at alternative treatments and practice modalities and their impact on mental health. Many of the “outside of the box” interventions can be incorporated into the lives of people managing a mental illness and/or their caregivers to help create balance, stability, and a reduction in stress and its maladaptive impacts. The approaches are also applicable to preventing or de-escalating crisis situations.
April 29thKeeping the Balance: Mood -Stabilizing Medications
Managing mood disorders can be a balancing act. This course provides information about the role of medication in keeping a healthy equilibrium and the importance of observing medication responses, as well as signs and symptoms to report to a physician.
May 27thCrisis Prevention: Keeping Your Cool Under Pressure
“If you can predict it, you can avoid it!” Though avoidance is not always possible, planning for how to prevent and/or manage a crisis can help both caregivers and individuals experiencing a crisis. This course is designed to increase one’s skill level in working with individuals who experience increased behavioral challenges. Focus is placed on causation and de-escalation techniques.

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