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December 6, 2021

NC Cardinal has temporarily suspended resource sharing among member libraries

Out of county requests have been (no pun intended) placed on hold until the contract can be renewed.

The Statewide Term Contract 958A – Small Package Delivery Services – expired on November 27, 2021. All of NC state government uses this contract, which is a cooperative agreement with NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Offices), which has a national contract with both UPS and FedEx.

Unfortunately, Cardinal has not yet received further information from the NC Department of Administration about the status negotiations for the statewide UPS contract. They are continuing to pursue a resolution with DNCR and state government. According to Cardinal, UPS is continuing to work with NASPO to come to agreement on terms and conditions for a new contract.

We apologize for any delay in receiving your materials. Cardinal staff are working hard to find a resolution, and we hope to have a positive update soon!

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