Are there other advantages for me from NC Cardinal?

Besides having access to many more books, you will have more control over your library account. For example, you may choose to keep an ongoing list of items that you check out. Your checkout history lists are private - not available to library staff - and each individual user makes the decision whether to keep such a list. Also, you can choose to receive automatic renewal notices via email or to be notified that holds are available for pickup via email or text messaging notice. You can also reset your password to whatever you choose. You can create and save lists of books you want to read, favorite authors, etc. and these lists never expire.

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1. What is NC Cardinal?
2. If I see a book in another NC Cardinal library that I want to borrow, how do I place a request for that item?
3. How are the items returned?
4. If I visit another NC Cardinal Library, can I check out books using my Iredell County Library card?
5. Are there other advantages for me from NC Cardinal?