What's the difference between a Libby card and a regular library card?

Our library offers two different borrowing options for patrons.

For the most access to our resources and services, we recommend signing up for a normal library card. A physical card grants access to our entire print and digital collections, ebooks and eaudio titles, as well as our online databases. You can sign up for a library card by bringing a photo ID to any of our three branches. The address and contact information for our branches can be found here.

For immediate and travel-free access, patrons can instead create an ebook-only account on our Libby website. Just go to the Iredell Libby homepage and click “I would like a card” on the right. This will allow anyone with a local phone number to get set up with Libby and immediately access thousands of ebooks and eaudio titles. Accounts created in this manner are not tied to a regular library card and will only work for Libby’s system. Once you’ve successfully created an account from the home page, you can download the Libby app to any of your devices and get reading.

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